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Howard Wimshurst

Is a multi-disciplined animation producer / director from London, with professional experience across a variety of projects.


Commissions are now closed. Howard is currently focussed on writing a book, finishing independent short films and creating an educational curriculum for animators.














In an effort to focus, I reserve just one or two days per week to read and reply to first-time contacts (for existing clients it is every day). If I am occupied with a project, responding may take a while.

I appreciate emails which take the time to explain. I don't typically "hop onto" calls with no context.

Sometimes I cannot reply to all emails. If more than a week passes without reply, please move on as I am unable to help. 

Sometimes students email me with interview questions for their school projects. I don't schedule calls, but you can send a list of questions and i'll be happy to write responses when I find the time.

I look forward to reading your email! I love finding new people. Even if you are doubtful of our collaboration, the introduction will have been worthwhile!

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