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Sam Kolder

Film Maker

"I respect people that devote their lives to what they do and reach new levels of mastery and discovery. 
Howard Wimshurst is one of those people I have a deep appreciation for. When I first saw Howard's animations back in 2018 I knew I had to get him involved in "Hey Tim". Back in December when I had first shared my ideas with Howard on how i envisioned the animated segment of my film to look and feel like, he blew me away with his sketches and how well he communicated the emotion I wanted to evoke through this film. 
It's refreshing to see someone so passionate towards what they do. This one goes out to you Howard for being a dedicated and passionate master of your craft and inspiring not only me but the countless people that will see your work."


Logan Paul

YouTube Personality

"Dude thanks for your edit, such a dope addition to the video. People loving it !"


Oseas Kline

Music Producer

"Howard is a creative force the likes of which I have very rarely encountered. For my project, he went above and beyond at every stage to surpass my expectations and deliver a final product well beyond what I had originally envisioned. If you have a vision for a project that you want to see precisely executed to your exact specs, you would be wasting your time and money with Howard, because he thrives when given the creative liberties to take your project and make it into something that is beyond anything you could imagine on your own. He is exceptionally passionate for his work, and I am very lucky to have seen that passion manifest itself in the world he helped me create."


Pat Greenall


 "I can respectfully say I’ve never had service of any kind on a freelance level this good. Honestly amazing. Thank you. "


Chad Rivera

Music Artist / YouTube personality

"This means a lot to me! It symbolized my culture, my love for the ocean and sharks, and just creativity in all aspects! You guys made this a reality for me. Thank you guys again for working so hard on the project!"


Joe Wee

"Howard has surpassed my expectations at every step of the project. As well as completing on time and on budget, Howard has demonstrated professional integrity, self-initiative and outstanding diligence throughout the entire project. From creation of the brief, great out of the box thinking that allowed us to totally manifest the vision of the project.

Howard's creative talents, ingenuity in animation skills totally shines through the final piece of work.

I will definitely recommend Howard for future works, and wish this young talented creative the best in all his future endeavours."


Andrew Rabon

Creator of Project Gforum

"Howard consistently impressed me with the quality of his work and his commitment to the series we were working on. Anybody that decides to work with him will greatly enjoy the amount of professionalism Howard brings to his work."

big b.PNG

Bernard Hyppolite

Songwriter and film maker

"I had such a great experience with Howard. He was able to translate my vision into a real piece of art. His ability and knowledge in animation really shined. He was very professional, courteous and easy to talk to. Above all else I LOVED his passion, he was so excited with my project and really treated it like it was his own, from then on I knew I was good hands. I would love to collaborate with him in the future and would recommend his services to anyone looking for excellence."

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