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Falling Stars

with oseas Kline

Oseas kline is an Electronic Dance Music producer. He commissioned me to create some looping music visuals for the first track in his Debut Album: Falling Stars. The idea was to create a fantasy world, inspired by his travels in Japan.


Oseas Kline

Music Producer

"Howard is a creative force the likes of which I have very rarely encountered. For my project, he went above and beyond at every stage to surpass my expectations and deliver a final product well beyond what I had originally envisioned. If you have a vision for a project that you want to see precisely executed to your exact specs, you would be wasting your time and money with Howard, because he thrives when given the creative liberties to take your project and make it into something that is beyond anything you could imagine on your own. He is exceptionally passionate for his work, and I am very lucky to have seen that passion manifest itself in the world he helped me create."

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