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why am i recruiting?

I have been receiving too many freelance offers for me to undertake by myself. To maximise the effect of my animation expertise, I sometimes need to take a producer role. Instead of turning these clients away, it is better to work together as a network to help these cool projects get made.

how it works

Information you send to me will be added to my confidential contact list of animators. When I am contacted for a project, I look to my list of potential collaborators. No commitments are required for you to be on this list. I might contact you out of the blue one day to ask if you are interested in taking on an animation commission. You can choose to accept / reject work offers as they come to you.

How to submit

Send me an email with PORTFOLIO as the subject line. If you're a TVPaint animator - make the subject line PORTFOLIO (TVPAINT). Here is some information it would be good to add:


I'm looking for reliable freelance animators and artists. Emerging artists who have a full understanding of the animation process. If you make animations and are interested in working on paid commercial projects, I at least want to know about you.

I want to have a diverse contact list, but the most likely to be offered are TVPaint animation generalists who have styles similar to my own.


I could email you a week, a month or a year from now. There is no telling when a client's proposal will align with what you make. I cannot guarantee that I will get back to you at all. So if you don't hear from me, just know that I have you on my list for the future.

Please don't contact me asking for updates. Sending me your portfolio is not an official partnership, it is networking.


Payment is negotiable for each project before work begins. Your skill, experience and working hours will be factors taken into account. My aim is to provide you with well paid opportunities. Payment is mutually agreed upon and there is no obligation to work for a price you are not happy with.


Thanks for submitting!

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