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The War Against poaching

With vetpaw and sam kolder

This was my first time working with Sam Kolder in an awareness campaign for VETPAW - an anti-poaching organization. To fully explain to people the role of VETPAW in the war against poaching, 2D animation was made to illustrate the procedure of de-horning rhinos as a deterrent to poachers.

the war against poaching


To properly illustrate this, I needed to understand the underlying anatomy of the rhino. So I started with research.

kold rhino p1 tvp.gif


One of the major difficulties was transitioning from live-action to animation in a way that was gradual. I had a very small length of footage to work from - 2 seconds at the most.

I rotoscoped directly over the footage, using white lines to progressively cover the rhino as I faded out the background. The result is seeing the Rhino become animated in front of your eyes.

Sam Kolder Wiki, Biography.jpg

Sam Kolder

Film Maker

"Howard had been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with on this project. When I first saw Howard's style I was hooked and knew I needed to get him on board for this one and I'm so happy I did." 

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