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Chad Rivera
the First Chamorro Superhero

The aim of this project was to convey Chad's energetic personality and heritage in a short and engaging YouTube video intro.


We created a dynamic, modern animation with deep roots to his Chamorro heritage.

As a stand-alone video, the intro is his second best performing video ever. The making-of video has since reached over 1 million viewers and brought a lot of attention to his channel.

Now Chad can use this animation at the start of every Youtube video he creates.

chad still image no writing.png


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How we made it


I teamed up with Michelangelo Lumienco for this project. Below you can see our collaborative process in designing Chad's animated character. To the right you can see me demonstrating the style properties of the water to him.


Chad Rivera

Music Artist / YouTube personality

"This means a lot to me! It symbolized my culture, my love for the ocean and sharks, and just creativity in all aspects! You guys made this a reality for me. Thank you guys again for working so hard on the project!"

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