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Hey Tim

A film project with Sam Kolder

Visionary director Sam Kolder contacted me in 2019 to help produce his most ambitious short film to date.

I designed custom animation and artwork to elevate Sam's film to new heights. The result of this partnership is a film which freely transitions between the realms of reality and hand-animated fantasy.


Hey Tim is a beautiful story of life, death, love, acceptance and memory.


Hey Tim

Anchor 1

Supporting artwork

A personal story

In 2014, Sam's brother, Tim, died in a tragic canoeing accident. This film honors his memory.

My aim was to capture the life of these two boys growing up. The pencil-drawn lines helped to evoke this nostalgia. 

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Sam Kolder

Film Maker

"I respect people that devote their lives to what they do and reach new levels of mastery and discovery. Howard Wimshurst is one of those people I have a deep appreciation for. When I first saw Howard's animations back in 2018 I knew I had to get him involved in "Hey Tim".


Back in December when I had first shared my ideas with Howard on how I envisioned the animated segment of my film to look and feel like, he blew me away with his sketches and how well he communicated the emotion I wanted to evoke through this film. It's refreshing to see someone so passionate towards what they do.


This one goes out to you Howard for being a dedicated and passionate master of your craft and inspiring not only me but the countless people that will see your work."

A worldwide response

On its release, the film created a huge buzz - filmmakers and film enthusiasts across the world reacted and gave praise.

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