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A Music video with uku&Lily

Matthias from Uku & Lily brought me in to work fantasy animations into their fantasy music video. The aim was to make a big splash with their latest album release Love at First Ride.


Uku & Lily

Music Duo

"Thank you so much Howard for the animation, its stunning! It was such a trip working with you! Thank you thank you thank <3"


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Early in development, I create collages with inspirational images to get a feel for the scene and to explore options for visuals. I shared these with Matthias to create a dialogue where we could refer to the images on the mood boards.

Bear design

For the bear design, I brought on Valentina Govedarica - an up and coming artist from Serbia who makes amazing creature drawings. We exchanged ideas back and forth about what the bear's shape should be, and narrowed the design down into something quite frightening!

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Dragon Design

In this YouTube video, I explain to my subscribers the process of designing and animating the dragon.


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To help Uku & Lily get their new music video noticed, I put together some extra material, including a promotional trailer, which launched on my channel and a selection of eye-catching thumbnails.

The result was that Pandora amassed twice as many views as any other video on their channel. It remains their most watched video.

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