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t3Pharma - an introduction

T3 Pharmaceuticals is an award-winning biopharmaceutical company working to advance a new generation of therapies for cancer patients.

Their dedicated team is developing highly specific and efficient treatments using live bacteria. This advanced science needed a bespoke "elevator pitch" that would transcend language and expertise.


2D animation was the ideal method of communication.

Final film

Anchor 1

how it was made

Science meets art

My partnership with pharmaceutical consultant Dr Claire Barton proved to be the perfect combination of expertise to translate this specialized process into immersive visuals.

Using a combination of TVPaint, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, I was able to create and move textured hand-drawn assets. These watercolour-infused assets feel friendly, comforting and clean.







Cell destruction

Cell Apoptosis loop

Red blood cell rotating

Red blood cell

White Blood Cell engulfs

White blood cell engulfs Yersinia Enterocolitica


The assets were intricately sequenced together to show the story of these special bacteria

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